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My name is Vanessa Hoyes…it’s so good to connect.

I want you to consider this site like a hub for your dreams.

See it as a safe place to evolve.

Come and breathe in LIFE.
Ultimately though I have designed this environment to help you FIND YOUR FIRE.

If you’re like most females, you know within you that there is greatness and you desire to grow. But you keep experiencing limitations on your life: like wrong believing, lack of self-love, ineffective time-management, ceilings in certain environments or tragedy that has diverted your course.

I understand you. I have experienced the joys of fulfillment and the heartache of failure. I have grown in my leadership and then hit ceilings for long seasons of feeling ‘stuck’. I have wrestled our femininity questions for years and have found great transformation in the process. I have given birth to a baby who has no heartbeat anymore and felt grief in places I didn’t know you could grieve, but then I have been shocked to have experienced a similar sense of grief just from moving countries. I have grown in my capacity to thrive in life. I know that you can also.

That’s what this site is all about. Resourcing you to FIND YOUR FIRE🔥 as a female. I consider myself a specialist in nurturing the female soul. I am raising four daughters (that alone qualifies me in the female arena!)

Throughout this site, I share everything that I am constantly learning being a leader, a pioneer, an entrepreneur, a wife, mother, friend, writer, life coach, counselor, communicator and follower of Christ.

Plus, it is the funnest part of my life to collaborate with other women and connect you into their world!

Over the past twenty-five years (yep I am in my mid-forties now and LOVING it) I’ve had the privilege of coming alongside thousands of people (near as their leader or from a distance as a communicator) as they take next steps in their personal growth. It’s my passion to see people evolve.

So whether you know what you want yet, or are just exploring this environment for the first time, come with me on the journey.

Right now I have a few different ways that we can grow together:

1. My world in writing blog.
2. My world in conversations podcast.
3. My world on social media
4. Get your dreams done (The Launch Lab ... coming soon)
5. Get your life lived (coaching)
6. Get your heart healed (counseling)
7. Get your teams thriving (consulting)
8. My love of collaborating
9. My love of communicating as a conference speaker
10. My ‘not yet’ passion to author (books to come!)

To get the most real-time & up-to-date journey then connect on my email list. Subscribing means that you can find your place and pathway in this community. 

Want to know more about me personally?
Jump over here for all things personal like an introduction to the ‘Noisy-Hoyseys’ (my tribe), our story of moving to the other side of the planet with one suitcase each, my Enneagram number and more...

Thanks for your open heart ❤️
I can’t wait to do this journey with you and help you FIND YOUR FIRE 🔥

All grace

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Coach . Consultant . Conmmunicator . Collaborator

I can help

as a

Communicator  Speaker

I absolutely love communicating in public arenas. I always have. Whether it is to a small room or a large crowd, people are incredible. I will never take the honour of speaking into their lives lightly.

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