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Pregnancy Loss Support Group

4 x 1 hour small group online sessions + free access to all resources

  • 1 hour
  • 99 US dollars
  • Online Group

Service Description

Pregnancy loss impacts people so uniquely. And for some it is immediate and for others it is over the years. But it is never to late or too early to find the tools necessary to move through this grief. There is a way through friend, I promise. I have designed the Pregnancy Loss Support Group, having experienced the reality of pregnancy loss personally, and have also worked with people for over 20 years in this area. In my pastoral work and in my therapeutic coaching, one of my areas of specialization is in this area of grief and loss. These sessions will provide tools and resources to help you to hold space for this type of loss in new ways. I will coach you through these in a safe, confidential online small group, included in the price is the opportunity to invite one or two other people to support you on your journey through this season. 1. Now - In session one we identify what is life like for you in your now, your normal? What story do you tell about your loss? What is your reproductive story that you are believing and how does this trauma impact you currently? 2. Notice - Here we take some time in this session to notice various impacts of this type of loss. Emotionally, relationally, mentally, physically, spiritually and more. 3. Name - Session Three we look at the power of naming ceremonies, naming situations and the honour of naming dates and naming the loss. 4. New - Session Four is where we begin to construct new ways of processing and integrating loss and and find rhythms which honour the new pathway forward. *Small Groups launch when we have a minimum of 6 participants booked.

Contact Details

46/40 Palm Lake Resort Upper Coomera, Riverbrooke Drive, Upper Coomera QLD, Australia

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