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Taking your practice beyond the monthly reflection and moving forward towards a 90 day window of time, brings such realistic focus and rhythm your season ahead. It is so powerful what you can accomplish in 90 days:

- Helpful habits can be created
- Unhealthy habits can be disrupted

- Goals can be reached, adjusted or completely refreshed
- Purpose can be pursued
- Pivots can be a planned response rather than a reaction

 I have helped many of my clients and congregation take stock of their life in these 90 day windows. Some who are more inclined towards reviewing their past 90 days, others more energised by planning their future 90 days.

This guided training covers both perspectives across five sessions. This training is similar in style to the Monthly Mindfulness Guide except it has five sections if you want to set aside an hour or two every three months: 

- Introduction
- Reflection Questions
- Core Belief Coaching
- Goal and Intention Review
- Next 90 Day Plan


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It comes with a fillable PDF or the chance to print it out as a booklet. And it has a bonus page on Vision Boarding as coached out in my Visioneering Training. We all crave these rhythms of intentional growth and goal setting, but we rarely find ourselves equipped with the right tools to make this practice meaningful.

I love the invitation to reflect on a quarter of the year in a way that allows us to adjust according to the season. This will be yours to keep forever at less that 20% of the cost of a coaching session.

Purchase here and set up your next 90 days to work in YOUR favour, and in HIS grace.

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