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II. A few students left the campus and went to ChillinT-LanW, wb( in recent y^ar? there were three A. I. O. U. chapters in the U. S. for the first time in the school history. The U. S. H. C. had been the first U. S. H. C. chapter founded and the first to be organized in Illinois. A. A. S. of the United States had been formed and A. A. I. United Student Body was organizd. The A. I. U. A. H. C. in the west had been founded in Idaho. A. P. N. G. V., B. I. T. H. and H. P. A. also opened on the campus. I On September 17, 1938, the Northwestern alumnus who will hold the office of president for the school year 1938-39 was selected. His name was Leslie Combs. It was a great day for the school. A new and a much needed president had been selected, a president who had an enviable record of experience in the A. I. O. U. and A. A. S. His name was Lester Combs. Lester and his wife started out on campus at the start of school. They became friends of the faculty. They became friends of the entire student body and, in the words of Dr. Larson, 'They became friends of the entire student body and, in the words of Dr. Larson, "The director of the Northwestern Extension Service and the dean of the university told them they had three beautiful children in front of them in the student body. They would never have gone back into the public school system had they not gone to Northwestern." As the president of Northwestern, Lester Combs is the leader of all the schools in the A. I. O. U. The students are proud of him. He has a great future ahead of him. He is the best choice for the position of president the university has ever had. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE The A. I. O. U. has grown in the schools since its inception. As the newest school in the United States, it has no school history. It has no traditions. It has no tradition. There are a total of 6,329 schools in the A. I. O. U. Some are large and some are small, some are old and some are new



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