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Why you need to talk to yourself with the right words.

We live in Quebec, French speaking Canada. I love it. I love being called here. I have still not learnt the language yet & every year I am feeling the ineffectiveness of that more and more. It is restricting me from engaging in so many ways. Especially now my third daughter is in a huge French High School (and nailing it so well!)

Language matters. Deeply. It frames culture. It sets direction. It clarifies. It connects.

So does the language that you speak to yourself everyday. Certain words will evoke different responses from different people.

When i was coaching our Reset Global Group a few weeks ago, it was so fascinating to recognize that different words were needed to evoke action from them.

The outcome of this session was to action after they assessed. I told them to call this what makes most sense to them ....


To designate or treat something as more important than other things so that you can determine the order you give something attention.

This results in lists where one has to be on the top and others under it.


The worth and usefulness of something that aligns with a person's discernment of what is most important. This has more words like alignment so it anchors you to the NEED not just want conversation.


Concentrated interest and activity on something as a result of clear, visual definition. This word will pull you towards that sphere that needs your vision of who you want to become. 

So they could decide which word will most move them to action when it comes to increasing levels of growth and fulfillment in certain spheres of your life. Which word will it be for you? Which sustainably motivates you the most?  I asked them to fill in ONE of the following statements depending on which word most moves them to action:

I will prioritize the following spheres between now and the end of the year.......

in the following ways....OR

I choose to value the following spheres between now and the end of the year.....

in the following ways.....OR

I choose to focus on the following spheres between now and the end of the year.....

in the following ways.....

Which words means the most & carries the most motivating power for you?

It says alot about you. There is no wrong or right. When you understand what words motivate you then you can make sure you speak language to yourself that you understand and can respond to.

You carry within you the right words to move you to action. Identify them and you will even more effectively sustain growth!

I am wondering which word would work best for you?

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