Why Relational Boundaries Need To Be Increased As The Restrictions Lift on Social Distancing.

For some people, the best thing that could have happened to the toxic relationships they were maintaining, was Covid19 social distancing. There was less pressure to do all the things with all the people that were only diminishing their value and worth each time they would spend time together.

The natural social distancing in place was healthy for some people.

I know this even more because as summer hits the northern hemisphere there is always more demand on connection. Family gatherings, birthdays, special events missed during Covid.

Often it is the time away from someone that makes you realize that there was fresh air you were breathing. Or you have actually grown in new ways over the last season and you are no longer the person that you were. So when you come back into proximity with the person you have a healthier perception of what is right and what is wrong.

However in the frenzied pace of restrictions lifting, you may not understand how to put these boundaries in place.

The relational boundaries I am coaching people to put into place can vary from genuine need to distance from formerly abusive relationships with family members, to new ways of relating to people who do not accept the ways you have evolved.

The previous posts on forgiveness are worth reading in the context of this one on boundaries because people often mix up forgiveness and connection.