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Why Do We Need A Banner Word For The Year?

Last week we gathered together as a team to discern a banner word for the year. This is an annual practice for our team.

Andrew and I begin this journey usually in August, but really listening in October. We go back and forth together. We find it’s usually a combination of where the church is at, where the earth is at, where the global church is at, and where we are at as leaders and people.

We take that reality and then place it before the Lord, and begin to pray, read, listen.

Then we take some scripture resonating and bring this to our core team of Board, Elders & Staff. We sit with these in some listening prayer. We practice Lectio Divina over a few of these verses.

By the end of the evening we prayerfully declare out aloud the Banner Word. And even before the clock turns on 2021 we will be stirring this word in our hearts.

The word itself isn’t an idol or divine, but rather a spiritual theme for the year. As a church we pray into it, let it frame some of our decision-making, and actions ; and generally seek to believe this is one of the promises over our community.

Then we encourage people to do the same with their own word. We love when people take the banner word and speak it over their own lives, marriages, homes, families and work environments. But it has even greater meaning when individuals couple it with their own personal word.

I have a free (and gorgeous to look at) download of the three areas you can ask yourself questions for your Word Of The Year. You can download here

One of the times people have found their own banner word for their year is when they have engaged in the Bold Journey. This journey is 40 days leading up to the end of the year, and it gives such incredible focus and momentum to the end of the year.

Watch out for the She Lives Bold event I will host online this year with free downloadables, daily emails, vlogs and some special guest conversations on IG.

I am so excited to see you discover this word for your entrusted world!

With much love xx

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