Why do we find goal setting so difficult?

Tonight I looked at my 2017 journal. Reflecting back on this time two years ago. I always declare a word over my year. I then draw circles connected to that word. Goals, hopes, dreams, faith statements encircle that word. I was telling the girls in my Reset Group this week that it’s two years since I wrote on paper that I wanted to podcast. Now I have the great honour of co-hosting a weekly podcast. Yet I wouldn’t call that a fulfillment of a goal.

’Goal’ sounds too stagnant. Like it’s done once and that’s it. This just feels like the very beginnings of an unfolding passion.

When I asked for a show of hands who responds well to the word ‘goal’, I had about 30% say YES! The rest were equally no, or I don’t know. I am in the ‘no I don’t respond well’ group. That could be my 9 on the Enneagram. Goals just don’t drive me. I am not competitive enough.

I love the word belief or dream. But that takes the pressure off me to accomplish it.

So I think about the word ‘win’ ... like it’s a team effort! Heaven setting up the ball/opportunity. Me taking hold of it! A co-labouring.