Why Booking A Vacation Does Not Stop Burn Out

With everything that has been going on in your world and THE world, you feel like you are near burnout. These are the conversations I am having so often with people In my neighborhood, people I pastor, people I coach.

How many times have I heard this month that if people can just get to their vacation time they will be fine (That is here in the northern hemisphere, whilst my southern hemisphere friends are navigating winter and the half way mark of the year)

First of all, do you want to be ‘fine’?

Second of all, I promise you, it will not fill your tank and bring your reserves back from being depleted.

It may bring you some physical rest, or some emotional reprieve, but it cant stop you from tracking towards burnout.

Changes to your daily, weekly and monthly rhythm can begin to help create a new rule of life that can pull you back from the edge.

So, on vacation you can develop that new way of coming back. And on vacation maybe ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who do I have that I can connect with to process deeper things in my life?

Then you can call a counselor, coach or carer for as soon as you come back so they can help you identify even deeper issues going on. Because my gut would tell me that there are even deeper things going on that have brought you to this point:






2. How can I understand myself better?

Then you can begin to understand your personhood and personality type so you can look at the triggers that can SNAP you back in your day-to-day life.

What are my values that i hold dear and are they being honoured?

3. Then you need to identify what fills your soul!

What is your joy centre?

Who is refreshing and not depleting?

4. What spiritual practices need to become a rule of life?

How has my disconnection to a local church impacted my resilience levels?

Where can i build the Weapon of worship into my weary spirit?

5. What can my schedule look like weekly and monthly In this new normal?

6. What is the vision for my life?

how can i put that before me so that i do not cast off all restraint as I navigate this season where burnout can cause everything to dull.

For some of my coaching clients right now, they have nothing left within them, yet they have to move countries, raise young kids, start new businesses, make huge career changes, navigate loss. Some would identify close to burn out, at burn out or coming back from burn out.

But some of these principals remain the same.

This has been a HUGE season for so many of you.

Vacation can help.

But it cannot solve the deeper things laying beyond the surface.

So do the self care, by doing the deep work.

I am here and cheering you on!!

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