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Who is your tribe? Who is your high five?

I function these days as a little bit of alot of different things. I am a wife to the love of my life, he is my strong, resilient hero. I am a mother to four stunning daughters. Often that feels like taxi-driver, therapist, negotiator and banker! I am a friend to people in my neighbourhood and across the nations. I am a Pastor who has the spiritual gift of discernment and exhortation, and these days I have dived deep back into Life Coaching and absolutely come alive watching people find their fire.

These are the five people groups that I believe that I am called to serve right now at this present moment with my best. You would have this list as well. And I would love to hear what you articulate as your ‘high five‘ - those people who you want to always bring life to. These are the ones you hold tight and high five (not literally .... but connect and pray for and champion and carry and hold them high up to God regularly)

One thing that I am noticing that I communicate often to my coaching clients is that life must be lived in community. So before I even begin with them I explain that I come alongside them as a collaborator with and connector of their ‘tribe’. I can’t always be their friend, their pastor or therapist, their mother, their resources or their significant other,

I can, however, help them ACCESS those people effectively.

And that is what the open handed image is to me. It’s ‘Lord I surrender all of who I am and all of who is in my corner as my tribe .. back to you!‘

These daughters that walked boldly into their destiny - were FIVE!! There is something significant about that number (and I share lots more detail on that in the coming days)

So today why don’t you think through the two following things:

Who is my ‘high five’ I have to offer my all?

Whose my tribe? They may be the same? They may be different .. whom you serve and who builds you up may be different. That’s ok too.

Both these names which you answer with will be significantly and strategically in your life for a reason. And if you can’t identify them yet I believe that the Lord will reveal them to you.

They matter deeply in the steps you will take in your Bold Breakthrough


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