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Which Noticing Tool do you need in this season?

Knowing your Enneagram Type may lead you to understand what tools you need to practice NOTICING more effectively.

Any time I coach or pastor people, one of the most crucial parts of the conversation is processing what they are noticing and how they are showing up that day. Or through that specific season of their lives.

But many people don’t actually know how to notice. And if they don’t know how to notice, then they can’t communicate what is going on, and this can diminish the opportunity for true connection.

Noticing is a practice.

But different types of people and personalities need different tools.

Watch this video to see if one of these tools resonates for your Enneagram Type.

And look for my blog tomorrow that is a quick summary of Enneagram Types and the most useful assessments I am using to help people identify their type.

And if you would like to dive deeper into how the Enneagram can be used as a tool for growth and transformation I have a Coaching Package of five sessions available right now where we map out some practices for your own personal development to find the freedom you are looking for.

The link for that coaching package is here

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