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Where does time go?

This week we celebrated my eldest daughters 18th. Her name is Indianna Hope, for those who may not know.

And at the beginning of the month, her highschool graduation.

Covid made the whole experience so sad to be online.

Until we got a text from her saying 'sneak over to the school for a picture' and of course we did!!

For her 18th we gave her a gift of photos and reflections on each year of her life. She will make a decision soon which 'years' that I summarised of her life and the way I learnt from each one of her years, can be shown to the public and which ones she wants to keep private (and we love that).

It had us reflecting so deeply on time, on stewardship of our time, on what this milestone represents and where our life is headed. And instead of digging deep on this, Andrew and I are kind of ignoring it.... our whole vacation .. until today!!

And then we just kind of exploded with emotion.

Well, let's be honest I EXPLODED!

I let it all out.

Months of it.

On my poor unassuming husband who was trying to just a bit longer bury his head in the sand of all what he was processing.

Actually I thought he was burying his head in the sand, but actually he has some incredibly healthy friendships where we can process every single thing he is carrying, and in this situation he knew some of it was emotions on fathers could understand.

I think there were just SO many emotions that we were carrying, that we did not know where to start.

Anyone else do that?

So we actually decided to start at the end.

We decided one of the healthiest ways we could process this huge and emotional releasing-of-our-daughter to her young adult years, was to start with the vision we have of our future. The vision we have carried in our hearts since we clarified our 'why' for getting married.

And work backwards.

Then we get to put this milestone in context and celebrate, rather than get so caught up in loss or transition.

This practice has been so key to different seasons of our life.

When I was a young adult myself I visioneered like this.

We did it again to get married.

To have children.

To fight for the promise to have children.

To church plant.

To move.

To make huge financial decisions.

To re-connect when our life has been in pure survival mode.

And now at this milestone again.

Maybe you are being invited into the process.
Visioneering does not have to wait until a new year.
It can mark any new season!!

I am just days away from having this Visioneering Guide ready for you to purchase. And I am so excited to show you the steps that have helped so many of the clients I work with through my Coaching Ministry, that are now in video form with workable curriculum for YOU to access anytime, anywhere.

Until then, don't forget one of the most powerful tools to help you form a monthly practice of reflecting is the Monthly Mindfulness Questions. This video is available in webinar format where you can book in online and watch at your own convenience at the end of each month.

Pick from a time that suits you over the next few days. It is 30 minutes. It is no cost for the next few months and it comes with a really clear guide that you can print out and use fresh every month!!

YOu could do it on your own, or grab some friends this month to do it.

And I would LOVE to know how the practice benefitted you. Tag me in a post or DM me, or email me on with any questions throughout the process.

You can register here (scroll half way down the home page) for the Monthly Monthly Webinar.

Much love and grace for the month of August!!

Find me still scrolling through baby pictures of my now 18 year old


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