Where Do The Months Go? And why I think November feels like an open invitation to dream!

Something about this image felt like it was describing October for me

At first glance the whole image looks like a blur.

At closer focus its everything I LOVED about Fall this side of the world... the reds and oranges.

But then, lets be honest, anything with WATER/OCEAN/SAND just makes me happy and with the turning of the seasons here I found myself lamenting lack of access to ocean during this pandemic.

October though .. you were actually breathtaking to observe.

At the end of every month now is a practice I observe of asking myself seven questions.

A few months in a row I hosted a zoom where I asked these questions live. But this month I want to gift you the download to these so you have them with you.

Some months I will still host this mindfulness moment live, but others you can just develop the practice on your own.

Here is the link dear friends https://www.vanessahoyes.com/mindfulness 

A gift for you to show up strong!!

I have an amazing client from Australia who has led in the Executive/Corporate space for years and is moving towards retirement (In fact she is so immersed in this life that to nearly force her to retire well we have to develop a ‘Business Plan For Your Retirement‘ .. that at least helped her think the way she is used to about it!!)

She adopted the Monthly Mindfulness this last month and she found it deeply impactful.

One extra practise I am now doing and encouraging my coaching clients to do also, is to actually NAME your month in advance!!

In fact, side note, this month NOVEMBER is a brilliant month to work on the whole year ahead. There feels like a really open heaven on what you are beginning to dream about and put out into the world for 2021.

I know that personally this Known Project to support people who have experienced pregnancy loss feels really significant and like one of my life’s work. And I do not think it is a coincidence that it is launching this month.

In my ministry life also we have found ourselves dreaming bigger than we have combined the whole of the last nine months!!

For anyone creating something right now... i sense strongly for you to push through the blockages. The earth needs what you have to offer.

Go for it

What are you going to name November???

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