Where Do The Months Go? And why I think November feels like an open invitation to dream!

Something about this image felt like it was describing October for me

At first glance the whole image looks like a blur.

At closer focus its everything I LOVED about Fall this side of the world... the reds and oranges.

But then, lets be honest, anything with WATER/OCEAN/SAND just makes me happy and with the turning of the seasons here I found myself lamenting lack of access to ocean during this pandemic.

October though .. you were actually breathtaking to observe.

At the end of every month now is a practice I observe of asking myself seven questions.

A few months in a row I hosted a zoom where I asked these questions live. But this month I want to gift you the download to these so you have them with you.

Some months I will still host this mindfulness moment live, but others you can just develop the practice on your own.

Here is the link dear friends https://www.vanessahoyes.com/mindfulness