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How To Intentionally Look At Your Month (& how I feel about my daughter turning 18)

Life moves fast. My eldest daughter got her driver's license last month. She graduated this week and she turns 18 next month.

I know, you do not think I look old enough to have an 18 year old. Why thank you!!!

All these milestones are being celebrated here this week in the Hoyes household. Even amidst the feeling of grief and loss of these moments that we thought would look SO different.

I am the crazy mother that is told she cannot go see her daughter graduate so she threatens to stands by the fence of the school .. just to be near!!!! But they are all part of the letting go I am not doing well.

Anyway, more about that later.

But what I wanted to let you know about is my very first recorded resource for YOU... my friends & faithful subscribers to this blog.

After a year of being asked to create the Monthly Mindfulness Meeting into something people can have access to regularly, I have finally taken the time to record a guided session that means now you can participate in the practice every month at your own convenience.

I was hosting a live opportunity each month, but finding the right time zone for Malaysia, Australia, Canada, UK, Africa and other awesome places around the world where friends and clients were, was not working for how many people were asking for this resource.

So friend, it's YOURS!

For free!

It is found in a webinar style teaching that you can then access constantly as a replay.

The link to register is here and I am so excited to offer it to you.

The training takes you through three spiritual/mindfulness practices that you can use at any time of the day or month, and then 7 questions to ask yourself each month.

In fact, you could use these at the end of every day as well.

This training teaches you how to build a monthly mindfulness practice that can RADICALLY change how you show up to your one sacred life (and learn how to do more of the things you want to do each month) and I have watched people make small and large adjustments to their next month each time they have done this.

It is open invitation to people of all ages, from all places, and all walks of life, you can even invite a friend, partner or group to do it with you.

Here is the link again to register.

I love you friends, and I am believing for the most stunning season ahead.

Grace always

Vanessa xx

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