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When Your life Feels Like a Multitude of Open Tabs and Unfinished Sentences

Anyone that knows me and has used my computer before knows that I always have at least ten tabs open on my google chrome. I also leave every app open on my phone and drain the battery ridiculously fast. I never switch the screen lock on, and multiple times if I am half way through a text message I have probably accidentally sent you one of those voice memos because my finger is still on texting you as I get distracted by one of my children! Some of you may actually have heard private conversations sent as a voice memo and you just haven’t had the courage to tell me it was delivered 😜😳

Welcome to a Nine on the Enneagram’s world. Or it is the working mum of four excuse. Or it is the brain-fogged by carbohydrates. Or it is the multi-tasking demands on the general population of womanhood. Or is it just me and no one else???

Life is full! Opportunities are endless. People matter. And I want to get better at the areas of my life that rend me ineffective.

Technologically speaking - all those open tabs make my computer lag and my battery drain. Isn’t it the same with life?

What if the open tabs are just a symptom of an underlying deeper issue? Do I really just approach behaviour with more striving to change?

When a computer is lagging there are multiple reasons why.

I looked up why we would reset a computer and what is the difference between a soft reset, hard reset and factory reset.

Soft resets are usually conducted in an attempt to fix malfunctioning applications or because they're required for software installation or updates.

Maybe the Reset you need is required purely so you can ‘update’ some areas of your life, or fix and area that is malfunctioning.

Soft reset contrasts with hard reset, which removes all user data, settings and applications and returns a device to the same state it was in when it shipped from the factory. Usually called ‘A factory reset’ it relates to the rebooting of the entire system, while hard resets relates to the resetting of any hardware in the system.

The factory reset makes the device function again in a new form. It cleans the entire system of the device. It is probably done at the time of updating to a new version of the device's software or when there is a system-wide issue.

For some challenges that we are facing it is a system-wide issue is at hand and we don’t even know. It sneaks up on us. It bleeds into every arena of our life. We need to wipe the slate clean and begin again. And why do we think we have to wait until New Years to do this?

Reset can be momentary, daily, weekly, monthly, mid-year... anytime!

Until we pause long enough, listen, reflect and receive the tools necessary, then we won’t even know what it is that needs to be reset.

The challenge is that we think changing behaviour is enough. What about if we need to change the mindset that triggers the behaviour? More than often we need to change the belief before we change the behaviour.

What mindsets are lies? What mindsets are limiting? What mindsets are no longer helpful?

In our Reset Program I am committed to moving off the pages of the Program and leaping into the heart stuff. I am desperate to see transformation at the soul level not just the behaviour space.

Let’s do this ..

There are just a few days and spots left remaining open for registration of the Global Online Group for Reset. Join me and friends from around the world as we discuss all things Reset.

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