When Coming Out Of Hiding May Feel Like a Steep Climb

For the generation that we are in right now, there is such a draw to the public arena of influence. Online.

Yet hidden behind the masks and images that we portray, and the few minutes that we post, is HOURS of scrolling and ghosting, and strategising the next post that will somehow make you now feel like you measure up..... is brokenness, insecurity, lies that we are believing that we are not enough and our life is les than.

We want to make a difference. We really do. But what if the hours we spent investing into the image, or eating away at the present, could actually be spent in pursuit of our freedom and wholeness?

Because I wish I could tell you that the pursuit of freedom and wholeness is instant. That it won't take long.

Deliverance is….and is your miraculous portion.

But overcoming, growing, evolving, healing … it takes intention and time, courage and choices.

This is the part that is painful. This is th epart that takes investment, doing the work and not escaping onlibe for hours to only feed the problem.

But on this climb, there you find an intimacy with God and others that you would never experience anywhere else.

I love when Jesus called His ‘climbing companions’ with Him. Those committed are the ones who were distinguished from the crowd. They are the ones who heard the ‘blessed are those who..’ sermon on the mount (Matthew 5).

What if this was your season to climb?