What You Need to Know as a Mum of a Teenager Journeying with Mental Illness

Updated: Jun 22

June in North America is like December in the Southern Hemisphere … end of the school year is already exhausting.

Add a pandemic and will teens or won’t teens graduate with their friends and family? Will they or won’t they get into post-secondary school? Will they or won’t they get vaccinated?

Will they or won’t they feel comfortable in their own skin for summer? Will they or won’t they get a job? Or stay connected to friends? Or be able to travel?

And the list goes on.

So for every mother of a teen challenged with their own mental health right now, OR to the young adult who is struggling themselves, OR to the mother experiencing unrest mentally and emotionally, here are a few things you need to know:

1. It’s NOT personal when they don’t have control over their emotional regulation yet.

Emotional regulation is difficult at the best of times with hormonal dynamics playing a huge role in their body. But these tools take time to learn.

Consider taking a step back from your own triggered response. Breathe. Pause. Try not to escalate the situation because of what it makes you feel to be the focus of their reaction.