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What word would you use to describe the first half of 2019?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019














I put this question to my community on social media earlier this week. With way over 100 responses, I began to feel the pulse across 2019. This pulse represents pain and purpose, highs and lows, externally and internally motivated words. I can feel them as they were written. Your world! Your reality!

Mine would be ‘insightful‘

We have passed the half way mark now. Here in the northern hemisphere it is summer vacation for students and we are all seizing the opportunity to soak up the only few moths of Vitamin D that we see.

It is still a culture shock to do my intentional reflection of a year in July. For 40 years I associated everything about a Reset with January (that’s also the Southern Hemisphere‘s summer vacation time).

I have come to see two opportunities to pause and reflect a year now as a bonus.

I want to take this one word and dive deeper into it. I want to make sure this word doesn’t only remain the word writing the story of the rest of my year.

This requires intention and investment. You are worth it. So are those on the other side of your RESET.

Comment below on your word for mid 2019 so far. It’s allowing so many people to resonate with your story.

If you‘re looking for a framework to assess your year so far, or a model to reframe it.. I would love to coach you at the half way mark.

I am so excited to take a limited amount of clients on for July/August for a personal reset. What a powerful time we will have ...




And if this is not for you then feel free to invite someone in your world onto this journey. This would be an honour to walk out the next few weeks with some incredible people.

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