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What to do when your capacity feels limited

Have you ever felt like you are at your most absolute limit with your time or your own talents? You feel like you have nothing more that you could give out with?

Have you ever experienced that overwhelming feeling of ‘I can’t fit another thing into my week/day/month/life?’

Have you ever felt trapped in mindless habits that see you wasting hours per day?

Have you ever wanted to say yes but known in your heart that this yes will cause deep relational stress because of the energy it requires of you?

Have you ever wanted to put your hand up for something but then entertained the voice in your heart of ‘not enough’ or ‘why would they choose me?’

This has been my whole leadership journey! I get you! I have experienced every single one of these so-called ‘dead ends to my destiny’.

And there have been three essentials to breakthrough for these areas of my life. Want to know them?

1. Intentionally review what I want for my life

Asking questions like what is calling my name and then readjusting it on paper as the seasons change in my life.

If I have not written it down I will never see it move from pages to passion, or from head to my heart ❤️. But you can’t be afraid of readjusting the strategy to get where you want to go. Especially as a female. When so much changes in your life regularly.

Move the dream from a page to a passion. Move the dream from your head to your heart

2. Sharing all my limits with someone else

These people can help me assess which perceived dead-ends are just capacity to increase. Those safe people. Safe but dangerous. Dangerous because they dream with you and do not let you stay the same!

Don’t let people be so safe that they let you stay the same.

3. Putting myself in environments that call out my capacity.

Life-Giving environments. Spiritually charged environments of hope, faith and possibility. Where people ask something of me that I didn’t even know I had the potential to become.

All of my leadership growth came by invitation!

I speak about this in my latest podcast on Gather Women. Check it out here

I was a small-thinking girl who did not realize how much capacity I had until it was called out of me. Something like giving birth. How can that human get so big inside of you?? Well it just grows if it is nourished in the right environment.

So my hope for you is that you have these three essentials in your life. And let me know if you do and what you love about these keys as you increase your capacity (In the comments below)

And stop reading here because I love that you are all good! That’s the dream xxx


But if you don’t have this .. can I help you?

Can I come alongside you for a few weeks as a coach? Or call me a collaborator to your dreams. Or a consultant?

Call me whatever you like!

I am passionate about helping women FIND THEIR FIRE🔥

Right now I can do that either through a program called Reset, or some online one-to-one sessions skyping in to wherever you are around the world.

I can review with you, then reawaken some of these deeper dreams and ultimately realign your direction for the next season. Essentially I am a short term solution until you find your people or your place. Or I am a complimentary addition to the circle that you already have.

Check out for the ways that I can come alongside you.

It would be my absolute honour to help.

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