What I have learnt this week from incredible people!

This week I was blessed to work with some new clients in my coaching practise. It is an incredible honour to co-journey with them through key seasons of their life.

And it is not only the coaching clients that blow me away with their capacity to pursue healing, it is humans in general. I just happen to know some of the deeper layers to these clients which makes me even more in awe of their courage.

My learnings from this week as I review their stories and write their debriefs are so personally impacting. And whilst I sit in this space with them, YOU also sit with people every day and have the chance to learn people's stories.

Whether I am coaching, caring for the sisterhood in my church, loving my family or championing some women in our nation to use their voice, I WANT to stay open to being taught be people.

What are you learning from loving, leading or leaning into people's stories?

Don't stop friends, because this is where your evolution happens too.

Over the next few days I will blog some of my takeaways from my encounters with people (with no names or breaking of confidence of course), just stunning lessons that we can all apply to our own lives).

Write your own list of what you have learnt about people, and tell them!

Or better yet.. thank them for what they have taught you.

With much love

Vanessa xx

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