What do you do with the decision-making fatigue you are experiencing.

Updated: May 28, 2021

I am not sure where to start about my last few weeks. But let me begin by saying I have been really stuck in decision-making fatigue about the solution being encouraged to this pandemic.

For lots of different reasons that are really personal to me. But there is nowhere public that I would give voice to this because it is SUCH a personal decision (even though some would say it's not as personal as we think because they posture themselves with the 'collective good' revelation. And genuinely every individual has their own framework that is valuable for how they see this solution).

Here in Canada there is so much going on around this. And left to my own defaults I would just float around not really making a decision.

There is a brilliant quote that I heard last week and it made me recognise I was not really putting my whole-self into this decision.

"Excessive adaptation to the world would be too painful to endure without self-forgetfulness"

And just two weeks ago my whole family was thrown into a deeply painful situation where some of our longest standing friends were figuring out whether they stay connected to us based on decisions we were or weren’t willing to make around solutions the government is suggesting to eliminate the virus. So there was a strong enough disruption to my defaults to have to wake up about this.

And I even understand that conversation, although painful, was not easy. And I see it now as a gift from God to wake up.

I have finally come to a decision on this and I wanted to share the framework for which I made the decision in case it is helpful to you. I won't share the details but I will share the principals.