What are subtypes and instincts in the Enneagram?

To understand yourself more effectively, there are tools available for noticing.

When I say 'notice' I mean, looking for patterns and ways of relating that could be helpful or harmful. Others will say how powerful it is to move from living by default to living by design.

As I do more in-depth work with individuals, couples and teams in my coaching, I am coming to value the Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes Tool even more. Because it helps people identify even more specifically with their particular default system and then what they can do to move more intentionally into the life by design posture.

So here is how you can understand it with an overview.

What Enneagram Type Am I?

If you do not know your Enneagram Type then begin here

Remember this is not a tool to box you, but instead to help you identify with your way of coping with the world. Finding your type can be a rich growth process in itself, and many of us are using the Enneagram as a map to show us our patterns and our blind spots.

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What Are Instincts?

To understand Instincts more you can read from the most well known Author on Instincts, Beatrice Chestnut. She describes them in detail here