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We begin as Daughters....

Daughter.. …What does that word mean to you?

My Father left our family when I was ten years old. He explained it to me sitting on the end of his bed one day, “I have fallen out of love with your mother, so I will move to the US on my own, without you all”. It is amazing how one person's lie they believe can shape the truth you live by for years to come.

From that day on, in the core of my broken feminine heart, I decided that if love was something a man can fall in and out of, then I will do my best to make males fall in love with me.

It impacted me as ‘daughter’ in a way that took years to journey through. I love my dad deeply, but as I grew to become a young adult, I challenged his concept of love, because I refused to let it define mine.

Even as early as the introduction to Song of Songs in the amplified version it titles the first verse of the first chapter ‘The Young Shulammite Bride and Jerusalem’s Daughters’

Jerusalem’s Daughters …

Jerusalem – figurative of the city of God, the Kingdom of God, the domain of God, heaven on our earth. The original garden. The origin of Eve. This is a return to Eden, a promise for all of us.

So this is all of us, loved by the Father, designed for a life of intimacy with Holy Spirit, invited to experience salvation through Jesus Christ.

That is every girl we know.

That is you.

God’s female race, designed to represent the nature and character of God on earth.

That is every girl you walk past today.

That is the girl you look in the mirror.


I want to suggest that before we can be loved as anything else, be loved as ‘daughter’.

And whether that word evokes pain, rejection, heartache, mystery or loss; or joy, peace, security, safety, love, comfort or home; it is time to declare yourself Jerusalem’s Daughter.

Heaven’s Daughter.

Daughter of the King, as may be familiar to some of us.

So take your earthly experience as ‘daughter’, be real about it, but can I encourage you, that you will limit the layers and depth of revelation that this Love Book can go, if you only view these promises through the lens of your earthly experience as daughter.

Jerusalem’s Daughter. Heaven’s Daughter. You are invited to Live Loved.

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