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We Are Better Together

The Sisterhood.

My new found love of a name that I have refused to call our women’s movement because I felt like everyone was doing it (remember a previous post of mine about being super stubborn and needing to always do things distinctively ….like shave my head).

But I cannot escape the power of it.

For me, all the more because after 20 years of serving alongside my husband I now am watching him solidify values, passion and focus for his second half of his life. This focus includes raising a movement of men he feels compelled to call Brave Brotherhood.

He has always loved the men of our House, however, as an introvert, he has not wanted to run with them on mass. I think there has been such expectation placed on him when I would lead the women’s movement for him to do the same for the men. It was not in him yet. He has a few long term male friends and then many guys he really likes, but it was not within his passion point to mobilise them.

But that has changed now.

So because it has, the moment it happened, I just KNEW that I was to call my gathering of girls the SISTERHOOD to be exactly where we are meant to be. Right alongside the men of our lives.

We belong there.

Right alongside.

No matter how you have been hurt by them.

No matter how repressed you have felt at the hands of a man or a movement of men.

It is in our name ‘strong-equal-fire’.

I taught about this over the weekend’s conference in the UK.

Fire is in our name, our nature, our nurture and in our new language.

It is in our name ‘Ezer’ which means man’s perfect match.

They need us.

We need them.

We are better together.

Come and look, sisters in Jerusalem. Oh, sisters of Zion, don't miss this Come and feast your eyes on this king as he passes in procession on his way to his wedding. This is the day filled with overwhelming joy— the day of his great gladness.

Song of Songs 3:11

I ask myself regularly the question ‘what am I doing to steward the men of my world well?’.

I have been entrusted with many to love and to lead, to be alongside and to believe in. So have you.

Will you listen for the ways that you can love them well?

There is so much scripture that reveals specific ways to honour, value and keep the wonder of them.

Healing comes when you see them as individuals entrusted to you, not a cluster of all the same types who have hurt you.

You should NEVER have been abused at the hands of a man; limited by a leader; rejected; left unprotected; or looked over. But not all men are them.

You have something to offer the men of your world. You may even find the power of forgiveness as you unlabel all men the same.

Let’s be a sisterhood who places value on all of humanity. Let's be better together. This is God's design

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