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To The Ones Who Have Not Processed The Last Season

This releasing of restrictions has layers to it.



More loss.


Unprocessed grief.

It’s like so many are screaming that we haven’t had time to process what just happened ... and now you demand us to just move on?

So don’t do it!

Don’t move on so quickly into the rush of life again that you leave what just took place unprocessed.

Some feel as much grief over the restrictions lifting as others do about the lock down.

Each to the mystery of their own journey.


And for those who need a posture for the loss, here is a blessing...

May you know that absence is full

of tender presence and that

nothing is ever lost or


May the absences in your life be full of

eternal echo.

May you sense around you the secret

Elsewhere which holds the presences

that have left your life.

May you be generous in your embrace of


May the sore of your grief turn into a well

of seamless presence.

May your compassion reach out to the ones

we never hear from and may you have

the courage to speak out for the excluded


May you become the gracious and

passionate subject of your own life.

May you not disrespect your mystery

through brittle words or false belonging.

May you be embraced by God in whom

dawn and twilight are one and may

your longing inhabit it’s deepest dreams

within the shelter of the Great


John Odonohue

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