To Change A Therapist You Need to Know What Type of Therapy May be Best Next.

Updated: Jun 22

Changing therapists is not an easy decision to make because you have formed a bond with them that often brings security and safety. But not all therapists specialise in the next issue that you may need to deal with.

This is where people can get stuck. You need to see therapists like specialists. If you had a general family doctor who knows alot about you, then you would be checking back in with them and asking their advice, based on what they know about your health currently, as to what specialists that you need to see. They can do the same about your mental health, as they can about your physical health.

I explain my work as a Therapeutic Life Coach and a Pastor, firstly by what I am NOT. I am not a therapist. But in my working with people I do take a more therapeutic approach to their journey. And what that means is that I take into consideration the connection between their soul, body and spirit.

As I wrote last blog, I am aware that I hold an honoured position when invited into this space. Because unlike a therapist, I am not just invited into the trauma, I am also invited into their dreams, goals, and aspirations. I am invited into the typing of their personality and then I am often invited into their spiritual journey with the practices like guided prayer and meditation that I facilitate in my sessions.

Last blog post I talked about How To Choose A Therapist here and I said it was important to ask:

1. Would you be more comfortable in-person or online?

2. What Issues Do You Want to Address?