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The ‘why’ behind boldness and WELCOME to so many new subscribers

Most years I have taken the last forty days of year to countdown .. I am more convinced than ever in 2020 this is an important thing to do!. And I am SO happy to have you join me on this journey.

This word Boldness has resonated with me for years. I am actually, as a person, not that naturally bold! I have to be super healthy and functioning at my optimum to even pursue anything in a focused, intentional way.

So I need seasons in my life that, like an arrow, to send me in the right direction.

My first revelation of boldness came ten years ago when my husband’s father had just passed away. He was such a generous man and, to be honest, had been so kind and gracious to us as a young couple adventuring into ministry with not a cent to our name. His financial support over the years both personally and to our church that we had pastored had been incredible.

However in his passing I very quickly understood that inheritance and legacy is much less about what you leave when you die and much more about what you invest into

the people you love while you are alive.

There began an actual battle for a physical inheritance, with an outcome that never eventuated the way we all thought ... (except I can honestly say that what was left to us was enough to give us the courage and confidence to be able to uproot our entire life and calling to the other side of the planet .... so then it was absolutely the perfect amount to be entrusted to us!)

What I did come to learn through that battle was that we were not fighting people. We were fighting for our future. I dove into literal hundreds of hours of study and application of the biblical promises of inheritance, that gifted me with a completely new mindset on inheritance.

I was so deeply changed from this adventure I have been on and I know with a conviction like no other that our inheritance never comes from a man or a women who has passed away – IT IS COMPLETELY WRAPPED UP IN


This is my revelation and I don’t know about you ... but I need to revisit it! And since I dive into this study so deep, you don’t necessarily have to do the Biblical digging yourself.

So now, like me, we can focus on it afresh through prayer and application and let it transform everything about who we are as daughters, as women, as leaders, as mothers and as lovers of Jesus.

And we are always better together when walking this out ...

So I thought ‘what better way to do life than in community’ and I am going to set

aside 40 days (22 November - 31 December) to give it all my focus again.

I would love for you to join me or invite a friend onto the 40 day adventure with us to see out this decade. If you haven’t already done so you will need to jump back into the home page at and subscribe again for your FREE DOWNLOAD

The adventure culminates on New Years Eve 2020! And don’t we all need to count this year down with hope and anticipation!

I love you and am praying for you already!


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