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Stealing a Moment Mid-Year

In the hemisphere I live in it is summer time. In the hemisphere I am from it is winter. In both parts of the world it is quite normal to take a mid year break. and if not a break, at least a breath!

There is something so refreshing about a vacation. Good for the soul, good for relationships and if the opportunity is carved out, it is also the perfect to review where you have been and where you are going.

If your world is like mine which means family vacay is full of .. just that ... family.. then it could also mean there is not a lot of margin for quiet time.

Especially if your kids are young (gosh I totally remember that leaving for a vacation was MORE exhausting than staying at home ... cue the sheets that we used to pile up over the windows just so my kids could sleep in a little longer when the sun was beaming in!)

Or if you are a student travelling with friends then you also may not have a lot of down time on the road trip.

So I have learnt to take those waking moments of my day and be intentional with them.

Research shows that our brains are sharpest two and a half to four hours after waking. So what are you doing with that first light?

Whether it’s a longer time to read and journal, or listening and dreaming. Even just space to think! Often I am asking myself some key questions about the season I have been in, and what is next after the vacation.

These pauses in our normal rhythm create the space for reflection. It feels like a chapter close, or a fresh perspective, or a new beginning.

Literally nothing may be different in what you will be doing before the pause or after the pause, but YOU are different. You have reflected, reassessed, reconnected ...

It’s powerful. It’s potent with possibility. It’s permission giving.

What questions do you ask yourself in those reset moments? Comment below. I would love to know.

The Reset Program that I am coaching clients through this time of the year is one of the most life-giving frameworks that I have worked through. It gives you unique ways of looking back and looking forward.

Check out the coaching options available for you, they are available for a limited time only and this would be the perfect time to press RESET.

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