Start. Stop. Less. More.

At the end of each session I ask my clients what would you see as important next steps from this time together?

What will you..
START doing
STOP doing

What do you want ...

Look at these responses in the image. I love this part of every client connection because I feel like they are being empowered with SOLUTION. Theirs. That they have recognized is needed.

And even though this is a new friends end of session commitment, I knew it would encourage you to think about your own STOP, START, LESS, MORE.

It is not always executed perfectly in the coming days, but it is noticed, and noted. It is echoed back to them and asked of them as we begin another session. There is no shame if they cannot say they effectively actioned each of these commitments, but we then often talk about what stopped them from making these adjustments.

And then slowly, but surely, they begin to practice asking themselves these questions. Journalling them. Discussing them with friends, leaders, lovers. They connect with a circle of trust and share that they are committing to these.

And here growth happens.

Friend, you do not need a Life Coaching session to ask yourself these questions, but you may need to carve out the time and space to sit long enough that you can listen to what is the next best step for you and your evolution or your healing.

If you do, however, desire a safe place to evolve, then it would be an honour to journey with you in this coaching space before the end of the year. You can look through the coaching options here and even book a package to use for the new year or gift a session to a loved one for Christmas.

Otherwise keep learning from others, or sharing your next steps with safe and trusted people. We are all growing together.

Much love


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