*sorry four emails in one day Day Twenty Two - Bold Love of Those Who Have Hurt You

****this post is a little longer and more personal than some others

If I were to think of one of the biggest blockages to taking steps forward in my life, it would have to be unforgiveness. And often that can be of others, of myself and of God.

And when it comes to legacy and inheritance I see unforgiveness shut us off to heaven in ways that nothing else does.

I have hurt, I am sure, hundreds of people in my life, or the same people, hundreds of times. Breathing, loving, speaking and leading are everyday moments to hurt or offend someone.

I think leadership, parenting, marriage and friendships are just vulnerable environments to get it relationally wrong hundreds of times over. But also, endeavour to make it right hundreds of times over as well.

But let's also be honest ... we live in a time in history where taking offence happens every minute of every day. I think where there is a lack of resilience, there is an inability to bounce back from hurt.

May I suggest it is because we have not taught people how to forgive?

Forgiveness is a daily choice and an invitation to bless those who have betrayed you and hurt you. On a side note as someone who works with people and sees brokenness in relationships everywhere, I think betrayal often reveals more about our unhealthy attachments inside us that must be healed and less about the betrayer themselves.