*sorry for four emails in one day .. Day Twenty Three - Boundaries Necessary for Your Journey

So whilst we are on topic of people, relationships, forgiveness and your future... let's talk about boundaries because I think it is important and is good to reference these Daughters of Z who bold took steps to inherit promised land.

I can imagine boundaries they needed to honour and boundaries they needed to break.

First of all they did not let cultural boundaries define them.

But they did let legal boundaries open up wider spaces for them.

The culture said they were women. They did not let that define their access.

They studied the law until they found a loophole that actually opened up great opportunity for them.

Teaching on boundaries says to see them like gates not walls. Walls block not only bad out but good also. Gates you have control over what you do and do not let in.

Boundaries do not mean that you have not forgiven

I do want to write an acknowledgement of the devastating things that have happened to many of you. First of all, my heart breaks with you. If something illegal has happened to you like abuse, misconduct or harassment, then let me state that the law is there to protect you and no amount of forgiveness will be enough to actually see justice prevail and possibly protect others in the process. Please do what is your legal right and responsibility.