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On the day before our 40 day countdown begins

Thanks to so many more of you subscribing. This feels so exciting and so important. I am also a little nervous ... are you? Wondering what truly could take place over our 40 last days of this year.

The ‘Daughters of Z’ is a reference to a group of sisters in the Old Testament that had the audacity to stand before Moses and claim their rightful inheritance and in doing so change the nature of the law for women from that day on! That’s the short version.

Read Number 27:1-11 for some more of the detail.

So in preparation for our 40 days together I want to ask you a few questions

about three areas of your life that may help you discern where best to focus:


What is your most effective way that you grow spiritually? Is it journaling? Is it

morning time or night time? Or is it a long drive praying at the top of your lungs?

Is it walking and worshipping? Is it a small group?

OR what aspect of growing spiritually have you wanted to explore but haven’t yet given focus to?

This year I began practicing Fixed Hour Prayer similar to what the Monastics do. It has been very centering. It came out of a desire to take my Enneagram Number and use some of the spiritual disciplines to grow healthier rather than just stay ‘slothful’ (which is what a nine can do)

(Let me know if you would love some more information on Spiritual Practices or Enneagram)

If you were to rate your level of satisfaction with your spiritual life on a scale of 1

(feeling so dry and disconnected to God) – 10 (flourishing like crazy) where would you place yourself?

Now what do you think it would take to just move one number up on that scale?

Something small?? Can you write it down?


What area of your soul (mind, will, emotions) realm would you like to give attention to over the next 40 days?

If you list hundreds of areas like I often want to, then I would suggest just narrow it down – do you want to work on your thinking? Or being more positive? Or dealing with your

emotions more effectively? Rise up out of depression or see the clouds of

darkness just shift? Forgive someone? Play more? Discover your soul space –

that which refreshes you?


Ok now for the area we all have goals on but possibly don’t follow through as

effectively on – our physical wellbeing 

So what do you want these 40 days to do in your physical wellbeing? More

energy? Weight loss? Strength? Clear that skin? Focus on your breathing? Start

that regime you have wanted to all year? If you live in the southern hemisphere ..

get ready for summer??

40 days will often feel long but so much can be broken through into over that time.

Goals may not even be the right word for you ... but think more about crossing the finish line of this decade and who you would like to cross over as! This way of thinking maybe more inviting for some of you.

As my friend Amanda Viviers says, it is more compassionate to say to yourself “I commit to doing a little bit more of this, and a little bit less of that”.

Begin to think about these areas this week so that come MONDAY you are READY TO INTENTIONALLY TAKE STEPS INTO YOUR BOLD BREAKTHROUGH!

And PS You may have a completely different intention for these 40 days and that’s ok too :).

With much love


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