On the day before our 40 day countdown begins

Thanks to so many more of you subscribing. This feels so exciting and so important. I am also a little nervous ... are you? Wondering what truly could take place over our 40 last days of this decade.

We are only a day away from a local Prayer and Worship for Breakthrough here in Montreal. We will be doing just a few of these a year and I love what they produce in the heart-strength of our women. Comment below how we can be praying for your 40 days if you are not local because so many of you subscribing are from all over the world! I will go live at some point tomorrow night as well so just can tune in.

That night I will be speaking over the final 40 days of your year and I truly believe it will unlock something powerful.

Refreshing my study on Boldness has been really significant for me as I recognise more than ever my need to live with intention.

The ‘Daughters of Z’ is a reference to a group of sisters in the Old Testament that had the audacity to stand before Moses and claim their rightful inheritance and in doing so change the nature of the law for women from that day on! That’s the short version.

Read Number 27:1-11 for some more of the detail.

So in preparation for our 40 days together I want to ask you a few questions

about three areas of your life that may help you discern where best to focus:


What is your most effective way that you grow spiritually? Is it journaling? Is it

morning time or night time? Or is it a long drive praying at the top of your lungs?

Is it walking and worshipping? Is it a small group?