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My Most Currently Helpful Podcasts on the Enneagram as a Tool for Soul Care.

Three years ago Andrew and I went away to Mexico, to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

Our marriage was, and is, strong. It has weathered so much transition and so much 'opposites attract' and differing points of view that we both hold (strong) to. It's a beautiful and powerful relationship.

At 15 years of marriage we felt God lead us to completely start again in a new country where we knew no one in this city we planted a church in. Our marriage came alive with Kingdom focus and purpose.

But then the grief set in for me. And stayed with me. And I carried it in my body. And I did not know what to do with it. My energy was so low. I was carrying unresolved anger. And I felt like it was being held up in my body and I didn't know why.

So by year 20 ... Mexico was needed. And so was some form of help to move our marriage from good to even better.

Andrew brought a book with him called The Road Back To You by Ian Morgan Cron & Suzanne Stabile (find on Amazon here )

I read it. I read all the chapters and cried in two particularly. One of them because all I could read was EVERYTHING about Andrew that I had always seen and never understood. And the other chapter was language I have said my whole entire life and did not realise it was so particular to a type of person. I felt so seen.

Fast forward two years and we have seen it become a key tool in understanding ourselves, one another, family, team and friends. The big key we believe is that this is a TOOL, not a label.

The Enneagram typing provides a way of understanding YOUR SOUL - your mind, your will, your emotions and the personality that you have put on to survive (react and respond) to the world around you.

It helps us SEE one another and SEE one another's view of the world. It is at this point of understanding how our SOUL sees the world, that we can begin to connect more intimately, more compassionately and with more grace.

So in my leadership and in my coaching I often ask people if they are open to using another tool for understanding the way they respond to the world around them. But I often hear objections from some Christians who say it feels too much like numerology or astrology. I hear that alot whenever I talk about our SOUL. And Soul Care.

One of the challenges I find leading, loving, coaching and caring for people is that they do not give enough attention to the state of their soul. They often over-spiritualise all that is going on and they do not get real enough with the state of their soul to be able to even invite God into those places.

So rather than write alot more, I want to resource you, particularly those who may have some personal resistance or know some with some personal resistance to the Enneagram as a tool for understanding yourself.

Here are some of the most helpful podcasts:

1. Annie F Downs - That Sounds Fun Podcast (all of it is awesome) but she dives into the Enneagram and how it can be used here

(She has really current Ennea-summer series as well)

2. The Art of Growth Podcast - these guys are Enneagram Coaches and have some brilliant resources when someone resists being 'typed' and does not want to grow with this tool here

3. Typology Podcast with Ian Cron (the Author of Road Back To You) and here is just one example of talking about an Enneagram Type Six with Beatrice Chestnut (another key name in the Enneagram world).

a) You may not be a Type Six but hearing them discuss subtypes and paths to growth is so key. Listen here

b) Here they discuss the Type Nine and their pathways to growth (completely transformative for me) here

c) Then he interviews Seth Abram about a framework for wholeness here

4. Your Enneagram Coach with Beth & Jeff McCord and they have three brilliant episodes on

a) The Theology of using tools here

b) A response to the history of the Enneagram here

c) The Christian Approach to using the Enneagram here

They actually have some brilliant written work on Christians using the Enneagram here

This list is by no means exhaustive and you will see me often posting on IG about what I am listening to and how it is helpful. I have a saved stories of Enneagram Resources on my IG as well.

However, you could still listen to all these podcast and reject it as a tool, based on a belief system that says anything outside of the Bible should be rejected for spiritual growth and transformation. I understand that view point.

Can I leave you with one other perspective. If a tool can peel a layer back of the blanket I have put over my soul as a way of coping with the world; so that this divine TRINITY can invite me deeper into their dance of love and intimacy, then I will use any tool I can. The same way I go to a doctor for a diagnosis (like an x-ray) so I can really see what may need healing. I consider the doctors tool for healing, I walk with Jesus, His Word & faith-filled people as I figure out what is best next steps.

Enneagram work is like a tool for Soul Care. It helps me know when I am functioning out of health or unhealthy patterns. It wakes me up and woken up, I can love and receive love in much more effective ways.

Feel free to email me any questions you may have; and in this season if you recognise the need for some Life or Leadership support through Coaching then do not hesitate to reach out or invest in a package of coaching sessions. Sometimes the best way to begin the journey of Soul Care is to set aside the time to focus entirely on YOU. This is what I find people appreciate the most about our sessions.. a dedicated space for them to fully show up and process what is currently going on within them.

I only have two spaces left to take on clients in July/August. More space will open up again in September.

Alternatively we can also schedule a one-off session to dive deeper into the best Enneagram resources for you to then set your own growth plan with this tool. I have 6 sessions left in July for single session coaching.

My rates and packages are available to look at here

I love walking alongside people who know the importance of soul care and you are completely THAT person! Well done. Because know one else can do that work for you.


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