Mother's Day and Pregnancy Loss

Updated: Jun 14

On the eve of Mother’s Day here in Canada, I am all about ANY excuse to honour women!!

It is one of the best way to honour the gift of womanhood and our maternal DNA within each and every feminine heart. But Mother’s Day can also be an ominous reminder of what we do not have.

I am so aware that my beautiful friends in this email community have not all experienced pregnancy loss. So when I email you with this in mind, I am also thinking about someone that you may know, or for a day when this resource may be helpful to someone you know.

So please feel free to save this email for another day.

Mother's Day can be a time when the loss of pregnancy, or loss of dreams around mothering, or the loss of a relationship with a mother can all be deeply triggering as the world celebrates.

Loss like this is not always easy to acknowledge or give expression to.

For years we could not get pregnant when we desired to do so. Each month was a hopeful expectation that diminished over time. Mother’s Day would come around and I would hold my breath. I had to intentionally learn how to practice honour of those who had what I wanted. And the practice really helped me.

Then after miracle babies, as we were expecting our fourth, we were told Anastasia Zoe had died in my womb at nearly 22 weeks.