Intimacy …. 'In-To-Me-You-See'

Does the thought of someone really knowing you scare you? I often think that if people knew what was really going on in my heart and mind, would it be too much for them. This well of mine runs pretty deep and although I look like I share alot, I would still say I often hold back much more than I actually communicate. It takes me a long time to figure out if I think this beatiful mind of mine will scare you :)

Vulnerability is not easy for humans.

It exposes you.

So does leadership because when you lead you lead of who you are.

It is high risk to expose yourself and risk misunderstanding.

Usually it is in the small things, not the big things, that can cause the deepest relational pain. It is those things that get left unresolved:

The email that you pressed send on when you should not have written when you were angry.

The long delay in returning a phone call.

The leadership transition done imperfectly.

The correction that was misunderstood.

The unpaid debt.

The new friend replacing the affection they used to have for you.

The tone of voice.

The body language.

The unmet expectation.

The envy and pride that creep into our hearts.

The unforgivness that seeps into our bones.