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How to process transitions

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

For my Southern Hemisphere friends … happy SPRING!

Everything shifts and often it begins with a fragrance that you can just tell it’s spring yes??

And this image was seven years ago, my last sermon to our church on the Gold Coast. To our North Community of Generation.

I loved those people and still do so deeply …for many reasons .. Elders of Generation who have remained dear friends are there, the safest people on the planet for our hearts through that transition. They have also taken care of my mum over the years from that community. And that means the world to me on the other side of the world.

But this picture has other layers … for the smiles and the energy.

And so today I sat with this image that came up on my memories from seven years ago. Because over these next few months I am determined to move towards our seven year anniversary of landing in this country, doing the deeper work that quite possibly these first 6 years have not allowed me to do whilst we have been in such survival mode pioneering.

So every time a memory comes up of all these stages of transition I am going to sit with it, sit with the Lord with it, and sit in it, until I get some more insight into it. And ultimately, more freedom and healing!

Because I have watched too many people transition and grieve and know they are called, but never reconcile the leaving.

I will blog about it for those who are interested in processing your own transitions. So many people I know, even over this last year have had to transition.

Or if you know any church planters or expats that have relocated for calling that need to dig a little deeper into the care of their soul, then feel free to share with them this journey over on the blog.

Pioneering is not for the faint hearted. Pioneering is for the whole hearted .. who are going to need to bring their whole heart into the story. And that whole heart won’t be healed over night .. it may take a while!

Transitions wear thin on your soul. But it’s in those thin places you can find the deepest of freedom.

I am with you! But so much more crucial than my presence sitting with you, is the lover of your Soul, who longs to encounter these thin places with you.

Jesus knew the deepest grief of transition.

Lets journey together xx

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