How to forgive intentionally whilst you are still grieving

My previous post from Friday was met with so much openness as friends and leaders began to discuss the type of grief they have been experiencing. Whether we are processing racial injustice, pregnancy loss, leadership pain, relationship betrayal, pandemic isolation or a crisis of faith, we have come to understand so much of what the earth is doing is grieving.

The tools that connect our body, our minds, and our emotions, when used on a regular basis, really do allow us to notice things we have been carrying. And it has been ALOT!

This morning I had the honour of recording a podcast with a friend in the wellness industry based in Thailand. We talked through all things pregnancy loss, pain and grief.

My husband and I have also been talking about the collective grief the world is experiencing and the personal grief we often have to process as leaders.

In my business as a LIfe Coach, and my role as a leader and pastor, we work with so many people who have not been taught how to grieve well. One of the first things that I say to my clients is that your early experiences of loss will shape every other experience after that. The way you are given permission to grieve then, forms how you will grieve now.

Then you begin to move into work on forgiveness and your theology in practice often shapes how you will know to forgive also. We move from loss into acknowledgment of the grief and the forgiveness required, then often the redefining of relationships based on properly now processing that deeper grief.

I know so many people doing great work on themselves in this season. My work and passions connect me globally with so many of these courageous humans. This current reality has brought up both collective grief, generational loss, personal trauma and surfaced pain that has been hidden for years.

Often one of the most pressing questi