How to connect your past, your preferred future and your present circumstances to purpose.

I work in a few different circles ..

I am a Pastor in a local church in Montreal, Quebec. We have recently redefined my role to specifically be Founding and Coaching Pastor. This is my grace zone. Coaching our team to their own best grace zone. And teaching our congregation how to do the same.

I have recently launched a Life Coaching business and have come to specialize in a combined Spiritual Direction and Therapeutic approach to helping people move towards their preferred future.

What I notice is that we all have a past, we all have a preferred future (sometimes we do not know how to articulate it) and we all live in the here and now present. People naturally tend to show up more in one of these three.

The third space I work in right now is with a CanadIan Women’s Movement called Gather. My role is Lead Strategist with the Internship DevelopHer Program.

We had our first session online with our Interns yesterday and I had the great joy of working with Cathie who leads Gather and is also a Coach.

She reminded us yesterday that if you drew three circles intertwined, past, preferred future and present, then where the circles connect can be exactly where GOD IS AT WORK. This is where His Presence is.

This is where your current purpose is. His purpose and your purpose colliding.

Song of Song 1:6 the woman says

Tell me where you're working —One whom my soul loves — Tell me where you're tending your flocks, where you let them rest at noontime. Why should I be the one left out, outside the orbit of your tender care?

I have come to recognize that where God is working is where I want to be.

She stops dwelling only on past, or being too caught up in one day when and says ‘where are you right now and who do you care for?’

When I felt to write Live Loved this month. I had one girl in mind. Her name is Calista. I didn‘t know a lot of her story but she has been someone I recognize God at work.

You saw her pictures yesterday. And today I want to show you a YouTube video (her first) that she did after Soul Sisterhood.

I have had the honour of preaching to thousands of people in one room and one conference, and I get the incredible privelege of travelling to share the gospel. But in small rooms, locally with my own daughter at Soul Sisterhood that night and Calista, a spiritual daughter....

This felt exactly where Presence and Purpose was!

You can watch the video here (it’s about 15 minutes long and it means so much to hear what this teaching is doing in her soul)

So what about you? Are you dwelling on your past? Or caught up to far into your preferred future? Or can your here and now presence invite His Presence and find Purpose.

Calista‘s ‘aha’ moments has been a fulfillment of present purpose. And I had no idea this was all happening in her. This is true joy to partake in. This is where God is at work. She is graced for greatness and it is such an honour to be on the journey with her.

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