How To Choose A Therapist.


Deciding to see a therapist is a big step. Where do I begin to search options for therapy? What type of therapy do I need? If I don't feel safe or don't have chemistry with a therapist, can I change?

Care of your soul is challenging enough to pursue, without being blocked by not knowing what to do next.

The most important coaching sessions I have with a client, is about their ‘soul care support network‘ or ‘circle of trust’.

I am aware that I hold an honoured position when invited into this space. Because unlike a therapist, I am not just invited into the trauma, I am also invited into their dreams, goals, and aspirations. I am invited into the typing of their personality and then I am often invited into their spiritual journey with the practices like guided prayer and meditation that I can facilitate in my sessions.

This space is treasure to me. Because in amongst the body, soul and spirit connections that are made in a client coaching relationship, there is the underlying view I hold of humanity that we have within us, all that is needed to know the next best right decision.

We all just need a safe place to listen long enough to what is happening in our soul to discern that solution. And I say 'soul' because when we over-spiritualise decisions that need to be made with our own mind, emotions and will, I do see people cover up real issues in the name of spirituality.

I, one hundred percent, trust a loving, listening and leading God to guide people into the best place for their soul to be cared for; but we can co-labour with Him in the process and look at some practical steps to finding the best care for our soul.

So here is what I ask people to think about:

1. Would you be more comfortable in-person or online?

There are pros and cons to both. Do you feel like you miss out on social cues online? Or do you like the flexibility and accessibility of online? Can you speak privately if it is online? Do you like the physical action of 'going to a therapist' and what that travel represents?