How have you all been????

Well hello from a pretty exhausted woman over here!

And I want to tell you that I am not... but I really I am!

I absorb the world around me. And then I go into action mode (or I just fall asleep). And like the rest of the world we have all been in one huge daily, hourly PIVOT!

And there is so much GOOD in this, but so much to DO right now. The DO for us is to care for the people in our spiritual community in new ways.

Plus I am carrying the unknowns for our girls too. And we really do trust. But it’s certainly unchartered territory.

I am believing we will find a ‘new now’ very soon. But for just this moment it all feels big. Right. But big!

And in this I feel new pathways forming. I was on a podcast this week about that sense actually.

Check it out at HerInfluence Podcast

So it is well with my soul. Just my body is tired!

So that’s me. And you???? Please tell me. I want to know what you are feeling, sensing, doing!

But it’s a brand new week unfolding.

This week is so exciting. I have the honour of being involved in an Online Retreat with one of the girls in my field that I honour and respect so much. My field .. because I have such a dream to write and offer resources the way that she does!

So this week she is hosting an Online Retreat. It literally begins in an hour. Just on zoom for one hour each day. 10:30am Perth Time. 10:30pm Montreal Time!!

So grateful our rhythm can shift for a later night and a bit more time to get up in the morning with the schools closed.

So why don’t you jump on here at this link

I would LOVE to have you join me and these women!

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