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How do your values best make an impact on your day?

When I woke up this morning on my Friday I had a to-do list a mile long. It is the day that I 'get stuff done' before I go offline to sabbath on the Saturday.

I knew that I needed to attend to both practical things like paying bills, cleaning out the basement, saying yes more than no to the kids, collecting my teens things from highschool, helping out another daughter with her online tutoring business, and so on ...

You get it!

But I really also wanted to dive into my business today as well. Its a side hustle. It can never take priority in this season over my full time job, so I honour the time very carefully. I limit the amount of clients I can coach in one month and I am very specific with when I give it my focus.

But the part I LOVE is the creating of content and the writing. It does not pay, but its pure pleasure. It gets the least of my time. I second guess it all the time. I second guess the any moment that I want to attend to it.

It goes like this ...

1. I am SO excited to content create today..

2. Sit at my desk ..

3. Get distrated with every other email account open..

4. Tell myself everything matters more...

5. Start to question whether I should even give creativity my time...

6. Then nothing is created ...

So today I INTERRUPTED that process.

I took one of the fixed hour meditations at midday. Its called the Hour of Illumination. It was receommended to me as a spiritual pratice to keep the distracted nineness in me focussed.

But it does more than FOCUS me, it aligns me.

Midday 'hour of illumination' says that the midday hour is where the sun is at its highest. It says if you look up and pause, you will receive insight and illumination into your day the brings with it the sacred value of your work.

The illumination shines on the part of you that is called to bring light and life to others.

I posted about the process on my IG story if you want more detail.

So as I was reading the Sacred Pause and Prayer of Illumination, I also processed the worth of my creativity and my why. I looked over to my written values.

I saw 'I am an artisan whose grace and genius brins heaven to earth'.

I read the Prayer of Illumination from this book

"Take heart in this hour of opposites
between the waxing and the waning
we pause to remember who we are
bith givers
peace keepers
joy bringers
light bearers
In this hour of illumination
Let us shine"

Then I looked at my vision, my why .. the word WHOLENESS is huge here. Wholeness means peace... nothing missing and nothing broken.

It all made sense to me.

Then I proceeded to dive deep into content creation and mapped out the next three months of what I believe I am meant to bring to birth. I connected online with some industry leaders that are where I want to be in this space (check out this kiwi girl and this women from the US)

I learnt some valuable new skills in how to clarify your voice of influence. In just a few hours.

Beyond all this. It felt right and aligned.

This my friend is the power of a 15 minute pause, a reconnection to your values and quite simply how spiritual formation, values clarification and taking your next best step is meant to flow.

Today it worked

Tomorrow it may not

But each day, moment or hour is as good a time as any to begin again.

Grace for your next 24 hours. I will be offline and cannot wait to be back online and hear how this has changed your day as you put it into practice.

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