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How Can We Stay Time-Softened?

I am 44 years old. I really cannot wait to be 45. That feels about half-way to me. I am an Enneagram Nine and therefore my orientation to time is often in the past. Whilst processing the past, I then can focus on the future. The missing link in my particular processing is the present. I can look present, I can even look effective in my present. But I am often not truly showing up.

This is where the spiritual practices of contemplation have helped me lately. Breathing, being, belonging to where I am right in the moment.

Classic of many females I know, this girl in Song of Songs cannot accept love well. She begins telling her surrounding Sisterhood ... I am so unworthy, so in need...

The Shulamite

1:5 Jerusalem maidens, in this twilight darkness I know I am so unworthy—so in need.

Then out from the shadows of this darkness comes a voice to disrupt her default.

The Shepherd-King

Yet you are so lovely!

Then she dives deeper into all the disqualifies her

The Shulamite

I feel as dark and dry as the desert tents of the wandering nomads.

Then comes the counter response. This time, His Voice brings solution to her deepest darkness

The Shepherd-King

Yet you are so lovely— like the fine linen tapestry hanging in the Holy Place.

Even in the most unlovable 'weather darkened' places He calls her in another translation TIME SOFTENED

Soft like the fine linen tapestry of the Holy Place. Because that is what the presence of God does. It softens us to what time could harden in us. This sofetning needs to happen again and again and again. Well, for me anyway!

My friend who has come to fall in love with Jesus in such new, unique ways over the past year or so , her name is Calista, drew some incredible images as I taught on Saturday night about this women. I just had to show you!!

They have captured the essence of a women showing up, becoming present, weather-darkened but time softened... I love them. I love my new friend Calista.

May this be you. May this be me x

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