How are you responding when you hear ‘life is re-opening’ (or in some places ‘re-shutting’)?

We just announced to our church community, in light of the lifting restrictions, a re-connection plan.

And we did it with such joy and enthusiasm because 16 months is a long time to have been so physically disconnected from so many that you love.

However we have been learning so much about change management and language in this culture that can exhaust as opposed to energize.

Even though the pandemic was not our fault, as leaders we do still carry a weighty responsibility for helping people cross thresholds and move from one place to another. And one of the ways we can reduce barriers to the acceptance of change, is in the way we communicate.

So we were really processing the different types of people who would hear this message and respond in their distinct ways.

So how are YOU responding to the news? Or to another lockdown if that is you?

Do you know what it’s doing in your body?

Can you get a hold of the millions of questions running through your mind?

Is your heart racing?

Do you fear crowds?

Are you full of joy?