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Fixed Hour Praying & The Care of Your Soul

I have had so many people reach out about the spiritual practise that has kept me quite literally focused and centred in a season where, as a leader, I felt like everything was coming undone.

I began it because it was suggested as a Spiritual Discipline and 'upward pathway of transformation' for a Type Nine on the Enneagram.

It aligns to the Litany of Hours that is prayed in the monastic traditions and it allows you to pause every few hours in your day.

So over the next few Thursdays I have been opening up two different hours to move guide girls from all over the world through some of these practices. Last week we focussed on the Monthly Mindfulness Practice and chose to review a whole season that has just passed as we crossed the threshold into the new school year and a new Fall season (spring for southern hemisphere friends)

These next few Thursdays I will guide you through some various Fixed Hours

It includes prayers, contemplation, silence, journalling and any expression you would like to include. (I have a real sense over some of the creatives in my world that it is going to unblock some things in your as well)

Join me over the next few weeks on Thursdays.

Pray this prayer with me

Dear Artist of the Universe, Beloved Sculptor, Singer and Author of my life, born of your image I have made a home in the open fields of your heart. The magnetic tug of your invitation to grow is slowly transforming me into the gift for the world. Mentor me into healthy ways of living. Help me to remember to pause.

Join me for any session you are available

Register here

With awe and wonder at the sacred honour of journeying with you

Vanessa xx

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