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Do you really want the answered prayers?

I have done a lot of life with women who have prayed desperate prayers for their husbands to be stirred up spiritually and really lead them into the purposes and plans of God for their life.

I have stood with women who desire their children to come home like prodigals to the House of God.

I have wept with girls who deep in their wombs desire children.

l have contended for dreams and desires for the business of friends, or the health or the breakthrough in the women around me.

Then I have listened to the complaints of these same women when the dreams come true, the desire gets fulfilled and the full, fast kingdom life takes on a momentum of it’s own.

Now the cost is too much and the dream too real, and the husband too busy serving Jesus, and the lifts to youth group too inconveniencing for the reawakened prodigal who just wants to be all around the youth leaders now.

Are you up for the fast FULL life?
This is what answered prayer looks like
Do you really want it?

Song of Songs 3:8

What's this I see, approaching from the desert, raising clouds of dust, Filling the air with sweet smells and pungent aromatics? Look! It's Solomon's carriage, carried and guarded by sixty soldiers, sixty of Israel's finest, All of them armed to the teeth, trained for battle, ready for anything, anytime. King Solomon once had a carriage built from fine-grained Lebanon cedar. He had it framed with silver and roofed with gold. The cushions were covered with a purple fabric, the interior lined with tooled leather.

The Passion Translation

Who is this one ascending from the wilderness in the pillar of the glory cloud? He is fragrant with the anointing oils of myrrh and frankincense—[b] more fragrant than all the spices of the merchant. Look! It is the king’s marriage carriage. The love seat surrounded by sixty champions, the mightiest of Israel’s host, are like pillars of protection. They are angelic warriors standing ready with swords to defend the king and his fiancée from every terror of the night. The king made this mercy seat for himself out of the finest wood that will not decay. 10 Pillars of smoke, like silver mist— a canopy of golden glory dwells above it. The place where they sit together is sprinkled with crimson. Love and mercy cover this carriage, blanketing his tabernacle throne. The king himself has made it for those who will become his bride.

This battle for kingdom come is real girls.

It costs.

Prayers answered equals work to do.

The vehicle that you go to battle in is royal.

You are on mission.

You and your family.

But you are also surrounded by this incredible army – ready alongside you in the battle.

You are not alone.

But lean into the momentum.

Kingdom is quickening.

Yes, slow down your rhythm to sustain you. Do that well for your soul
But in your spirit … GO! Ride the kingdom carriage.
Do not despise the pace, the blessing, the answered prayers.

You were born for this!

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