Do not make decisions when you feel like this ...










Stay at your post!

Song of Songs 1:7

If you can't find me, loveliest of all women, it's all right. Stay with your flocks. Lead your lambs to good pasture. Stay with your shepherd neighbors.

DON’T MOVE – when you think you can't find God – don’t make decisions here.

Stay with what I have asked you to do.

Stay with who I have asked you to love.

Lead people to good pasture.

Stay around people who are also loving people.

I have watched so many people make decisions out of offense, hurt, pain, isolation, searching for God in a new, fresh, shinier context... just when they were about to find Him staying faithful to where they were.

'Breakthough is often on the brink of the moments we feel blind.

God speaks to us so kindly about it too.. 'loveliest of women'.. with that true intimacy that only comes when He loves us so much that He does not want us to make unwise decisions.

Loveliest of women. You are better than that. Keep faithful. Love His flock.

Oh and be around other 'shepherd neighbours'... know that others in leadership with you, get you! Be careful who you process your frustrations with. Let them be shepherds too. because if they are not shepherds who also love the people, then they will too easily tell you to quit. They will tell you why bother. They will tell you, the cost is too great.

But those who LOVE you and LOVE people will tell you to stay at your post. These are your people.

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