*delayed with a tech glitch Day Nineteen Circles of Trust (and your invitation into mine this week)

White space ... that’s what this image reminds me of. And we need more of it in our lives. Waiting. Listening.

Space and time to still. To listen to our own souls speak. The essence of who we are and the excess of who we are needs a meeting place so truth can form here.

I have been exploring something called a Circle of Trust. A place where leaders can be their most authentic self.

Holy listening—to “listen” another’s soul into life, into a condition of disclosure and discovery, may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another.                                                                                                                                   

And it’s not easy to listen and ask spirit-led questions of one another. But when we do, we hear of legacy being contended for. Bold steps to stand strong in voice even when people don’t understand. We hear of grief, loss, decades of pain. We hear of inheritance. We hear of the unknown feeling wide open and scary. We hear of things never spoke out loud before.

And those five women have never connected before in their life as a group. It’s felt like the five of us where those Daughters of Z! Those sisters, so unique, but so connected by their pursuit of legacy.

How does a circle of trust work?

A circle of trust has no agenda except to help people listen to their own souls and discern their own truths…Its