Day Twenty Six - The High Cost of Wisdom

I have spent the last eighteen months launching out into a life-coaching arena to add some depth of layers into my ministry and another stream of income into our family. It has actually been the most invigorating aspect of my last year. For sure it means early mornings and late nights as I go online for coaching sessions with girls in different parts of the world, but I am so up for this season. And as a result of of the skills and gifts I have felt have been re-awakened in me, it has also shifted my role formally in my church, as i move towards giving most of my focus to coaching the leadership team at Resurgent and the same in my volunteer role with a national movement called Gather.

And as I have clarified that purpose I have needed to upskill and educate myself even more to be in those arenas. One of the strongest features of these daughters was their ability to come forth with boldness because of the way they had educated themselves in the matters that they wanted to speak about with boldness.

Over the next few days we will look at what it really means to ‘come forth’…

I think it involves:




Now Zelophehad’s five daughters came forward… They stood before Moses, Eleazar

the priest, the chieftains, and the whole assembly, at the entrance of the Tent of


Numbers 27:1-2

They came forward ..
They stood before…
They spoke …