Day Twenty Six - The High Cost of Wisdom

I have spent the last few months launching out into a life-coaching arena to add some depth of layers into my ministry and another stream of income into our family. It has actually been the most invigorating aspect of my last few months. For sure it means early mornings and late nights as I go online for coaching sessions with girls in different parts of the world, but I am so up for this season.

It has also stirred my desire to educate myself. But the moment I begin online research I am bombarded with a feed of things that social media says I need to buy.

Then I get overwhelmed

We seem to be over-resourced and under-equipped!

I want to learn and grow but it takes a lot of clarity to know what to listen to amidst the noise that shouts on us from every social media post!

Plus I have teenagers that sometimes get their opinions and education from google and social media and we push back so hard on those opinions unless they have thought, and a greater source than just ‘I found it on tic-tok’. Especially my husband as an eight who can’t stand opinions that have no backbone Or intelligent thought to them.

So one thing I do in my coaching is constantly ask people how is that knowledge being applied. How is it relevant in practice, not in theory?

Education of girls is a huge focus right now around the world and I love this becau